couture+love+madness: a few minutes with the busiest woman in SA

September and October are busy months for the fashion crowd in Adelaide. But no one is busier than Adelaide Fashion Festival Co-ordinator, Cristina Tridente. Because, not only is she organising all the events for Adelaide’s biggest fashion festival, she is also getting ready to present her own new collection at multiple upcoming events around Adelaide.

Cristina is the designer of Adelaide label couture+love+madness. Cristina is not only showing at Adelaide Fashion Festival in October, she is also showing her new collection at ‘A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery’, presented by Honda and Attitude Magazine. I will be guest-blogging at this incredible event, and so I thought I’d have a quick chat to Cristina about how everything is going, and what we can expect from couture+love+madness at ANoF at the Art Gallery.


You are currently organising events all over the place for Adelaide Fashion Festival, as well as putting the final touches on, and presenting your own new collection at Attitude Mag ‘A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery’ show. How are your sleeping patterns?
I don’t get much sleep at the moment! It’s been a juggle but I have wanted all of this for a very long time, so no complaints here!

Of course! And your success is inspirational. Could I grab some tips from you about how a kid in Adelaide could break into the fashion industry?
Keep pushing at it! It’s a really hard industry to break into but if you really want to do it you just have to keep going! We all have to start somewhere.

You have always created collections with a wonderful sense of quirk, for example, the totally recycled collection from a few years ago. What is in store for us this September from couture+love+madness?

Something a little different, a mix between the creativity of the ‘I am the Prototype’ Collection [pictured below], which was all recycled materials, and what’s on trend at the moment. The pieces also feature lots of applique created from many textures and fabrics.

How has couture+love+madness evolved over the years?
When I started I created my pieces very literally, these days I put a lot more research and time into the design of my pieces and try and think outside the box!

What or who was your main inspiration for this collection?
These pieces are inspired by many things including birds, nature and textures.

Fantastic! What’s great about the fashion scene in Adelaide? What do we have yet to improve on?
It’s great to see the industry in Adelaide evolving at such a rapid pace. It’s fantastic to see so many new labels popping up, if we keep going at this pace we will be put on the map as a ‘fashion destination’.

We hope so! And personal style is important in a fashionable city too. Your personal style is as unique as your label. What are some trends coming up that are you looking forward to loving? 
I love fluoro… I absolutely love it! It is such a big expression of colours and can be hard to pull off but I just adore this trend.


I am just so excited to see Cristina’s latest work. Her imagination and creativity is in everything she does, and she is not only a design icon in our city, but a true creative destined for greatness. A huge thank you to Cristina too, because she has so little time right now, but still made room in her hectic schedule for me! Thanks Cristina, and good luck with the next handful of weeks!

I am personally so excited for Attitude Magazine’s incredible ‘ANoF at the Art Gallery’ event, because not only do I get to see my most favourite local designers, I also get to see Australian and international designers too. A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery is being held at the Art Gallery of South Australia on September 22nd. You can see couture+love+madness, local labels Jaimie Sortino and Paolo Sebastian, plus Carla Zampatti, Bianca Spender, Willow, Scanlan & Theodore, and new stock collections from local boutique The New Guard and Adelaide-based online vintage boutique Claire Inc! This will be a show not to miss. Tickets are available from BASS – Get your tickets as soon as possible because they are nearly gone!


Photos: Simon Cecere


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