baby’s first margiela ♡

So, it only took me twenty one years, but I finally bought my first piece of Maison Martin Margiela. I purchased it for the A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery show, that I mentioned in the previous post! I love it so much it hurts. Like, the love I have for this item of leather clothing makes my heart hurt. So much love, my heart can’t handle it. It’s super fitted, and leather, and distressed, and perfect.

And this skirt is another of my favourite items in my wardrobe. Adelaide label Cameo is designed by a beauty called Kathryn Forth, and she is as lovely as she is talented. This incredible cage skirt is such an excellently weird statement piece to have. Sometimes I feel like wearing all black instead of crazy colours, and statement through design helps keep all-black outfits interesting. So good!

I thought they looked pretty wicked together, and teamed with these pastel yellow metal toe-capped points from Rubi Shoes, it’s tough but not too butch. Feminine but don’t fuck with me.

Huge thanks to Phebe Rendulic for taking these photos for me! Let me know what you think!




Top: Maison Martin Margiela (from The New Guard)

Skirt: Cameo

Shoes: Rubi Shoes

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