So when I was at MBFWA, the always amazing Candice Lake took a beauty photo of me. I couldn’t believe that such a highly regarded photographer wanted to take a photo of little ol’ me! I was so starstruck, which she could probably tell from all my babbling. Little did I know, that she was taking this photo for new skincare company, Manenocte. This is the photo:



A few weeks ago, Manenocte sent me a little email asking me to answer a Q&A for a profile on their website. To say thank you, they sent me a parcel of Manenocte goodies – I was so over the moon.

I am so so lazy with skincare, which is terrible, as I am smoker AND a lover of bad, bad food. So I really should be taking care of my top layer. My skin has never been overly bad, I have had quite clear skin throughout the years, but recently my skin has started to show the signs of the unhealthy writer lifestyle that I live. It’s actually been stressing me out a bit, since modelling calls for a fresh, clean complexion when you rock up to a job with no makeup on. No client wants a girl who looks like she hasn’t slept in weeks! So basically, the goodie bag from Manenocte couldn’t have come at a better time.

Manenocte comes with two cream pots – one for day, and one for night. You apply the daycream in the morning, and the nightcream before you go to bed. It’s seriously as simple as that. The perfect skin care routine for the busy modern woman. The only other products I use are makeup remover wipes at the end of day, and an organic wipe-over cleanser. Both of the Manenocte creams smell absolutely and amazing, sort of like what walking through a gorgeous fresh produce market smells like. They feel great on your skin, and don’t leave that annoying greasy residue some cremes do; they melt right into your skin and you can’t feel them after a few minutes. It just feels soft. The email from Manenocte said to wait 2 weeks for the results of their product, so I did. I thought I’d give you a before and after photo. The first I took on the day I received the Manenocte package, and used the night cream for the first time that night. The after photo, is from today. Neither are edited, both are taken in natural afternoon light, and in both photos, I have absolutely zero make up on. Look at the difference! I’m still in awe.






So there you have it. This skincare routine fits in with my daily life (read: laziness), and it works so so well. My skin looks brighter, I have less pimples, and apart from a few blemishes here and there, my skintone is overall more even. Even the bags under my eyes are less noticeable. I cannot actually stress enough that neither of these photos were edited, and I have zero make up on – not even brow pencil for my half grown out eyebrows! I didn’t change my diet or exercise routine either, these changes are purely from using Manenocte, instead of harmful chemical products that I was previously using.

Thanks so much Manenocte, you’ve found a lifelong customer!


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