adelaide fashion festival: bridal runway fusion

Brides of Adelaide presented their ‘Bridal Runway Fusion’ show at the AFF on Tuesday, and it was a fabulous showcase of many of the designers that feature in their incredible magazine. The show list included Mariana Hardwick, Suzana Lucci, Bridal on Pulteney, Lisa Ho, Brides by the Park, Red Pearl Couture, Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal, Anna Campbell, Betrothed, and local couturiers Paolo Sebastian, Malachi Empire, and Eliza French.

The show was really gorgeous, and showed gowns for every type of bride. Lisa Ho’s slim gowns with back cut-outs were for the fashion-forward bride, Mariana Hardwick’s beautiful crystal detail catered for the glamourous bride, Anna Campbell’s twisted rope detail was made for a bohemian bride, and Suzana Lucci’s incredible floral detail and colour range catered for the progressive bride. And this is just some of the examples, the showcase covered all bases.

The only constructive criticism I have for next year for Brides of Adelaide show, is the music choices. The punchy, commercial house-y soundtrack was a little fast and a little loud for such floaty gowns. I definitely wasn’t expecting a bridal waltz track or anything, but some modern, but slower music (e.g. The XX, Lykke Li, Bon Iver) might’ve given the models a little more time to move around in the gowns, especially at the end of the runway – they looked a bit rushed, quickly swishing the skirts around.

Other than that, the show was absolutely spot on! Really excellent work by the Brides of Adelaide team, and the ever-amazing Filip Odzak of Fsquared2.

To see all of the photos, visit the gallery on Facebook here!


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