adelaide fashion festival: myer centre’s 21st birthday

It was Myer Centre’s 21st birthday during Adelaide Fashion Festival, so they held a little soiree in celebration. Instead of going for the standard runway show, Myer Centre decided to try something a bit different, and it worked spectacularly. Along with TV presentations of news reports  and photos from 1991 onwards, an installation show was set up, similar to The Box at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney earlier this year.

Guests were invited to come and have a look at the clothes up close while the models stood on blocks – it didn’t seem to translate too well to the crowd (maybe Adelaide ain’t quite ready for this new version of a fashion show) but the photographers were having a ball running around, getting up close to the models and their incredible outfits.

The first section was curated by vintage boutique Relax in Vintage, with each section being inspired by the fashion of the 1990’s. Being a massive lover of everything and anything vintage, this was my favourite part. And it was so different to other shows in the festival, because all of the gorgeous models were just having so much fun with the ‘step back in time’ vibe; they were dancing, laughing, and joking with each other. Really perfect!

The second section was a showcase of high fashion labels stocked in shops in the Myer Centre, including Whistles, Review, and Myer. Really beautiful pieces, but nothing that hasn’t been seen before – the styling had the potential to be a bit stronger, while remaining commercially viable. Beautiful nonetheless. My favourite piece was probably the Manning Cartell Manipulated Floral shirt dress, as worn by Finesse model Emily Hartley. One of my favourites.

Overall, it was such a fun event, and it was super lovely to see models dancing around and having fun, rather than remaining stony faced. It suited the occasion perfectly. I also very much enjoyed being the first photographer to climb up on the installation blocks (with help from Filip Odzak! Thanks baby!) to take a photo of the crowd all popping party poppers to celebrate Myer Centre’s 21st birthday!

Thanks so much for having me Myer Centre, big thank you to Sarah-Jane Hook for the invite!


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