adelaide fashion festival: young designer showcase

So, the Adelaide Fashion Festival wrapped up in style a few weekends ago (sorry for the extremely late post by the way, I was held up by a nasty case of the flu!) and it made me really, really proud of the Adelaide fashion industry. Watching the emerging designers show their collections (and watching the proud expressions on their faces from the front row) was so so lovely, and seeing Adelaide’s established designers step out of their comfort zone was also super incredible.

The Emerging Designer for 2012 was won by one of my favourite local up and comers, Lachy Lang. His gorgeous collection showed impeccable tailoring, and a quirk that cannot be found in any other label. I am still dying to own the ‘question mark’ shirt, as seen below.

I also fell in love with local emerging designer Fur Elise, and my heart swelled with pride for designer friends see&ell and The Notion.

The established designers showed us that there they are all progressing further and further in their styles, especially Paolo Sebastian, and Jaimie Sortino. Sortino, created a completely bridal range for the first time, and astounded the audience with not only the delicacy and workmanship of his collection, but also the variety of material. It definitely wasn’t a stereotypical bridal range, and this worked completey in Sortino’s favour. My personal favourite is the silk jersey dress: it had no beading or detailing whatsoever, so the main focus of the gown is in it’s feminine drapery – beautiful. Paolo Sebastian was another designer to show incredible progress from an already amazing career, presenting bodycon, and pant designs in his current collection (the latter, by the way, I need). I also loved Cristina Tridente’s newest collection for couture+love+madness – an insane collection filled with neon, sequins, and glittery plastic. It appealed to everything I love, and was a step in a whole new direction for Cristina – amazing work.

 I took some photos of my favourite looks too, so you can see the amazing designs, and the incredible location – the Adelaide Train Station!

Congratulations to everyone who worked on the event, it was an absolutely fantastic night!



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