Sometimes Facebook really sucks. But every now and then, something happens on Facebook that rules. I commented on a photo about a week ago, put up by Ziggy Denim, and I ended up winning a free pair of jeans out of it!

These babies are super comfy and such an excellent colour – ‘wine-o’. Thanks Ziggy Denim!

Another addition to my wardrobe is this super incredible necklace. One of the most beautiful people I know, Becca Kennedy (she’s also an INCREDIBLE makeup artist) sent me the most beautiful parcel: it had inside this silver coil necklace, and three crystals, all picked specifically for my needs. It was such a beautiful gift, I was in tears when I opened it! When someone knows exactly what healing you need, and picks out the gemstones that will be able to help your specific ailments… it’s more than a present, it’s really thought about, its really caring. So lovely – thank you so much Becca, I love it.

In these photos, the crystal inside is Rainbow Obsidian:

Brings light and love to one’s life.

It is used for ‘gazing’, especially in the areas of love matters, relationships,

and total development of ones etheric and physical forms. 

Grounding, stabilizing, connects the base chakra with the heart.

Shields against negativity.

Useful when feeling inadequate/having self doubt. 






Thank you again, Ziggy Denim and beautiful Becca,


Dress: Valleygirl

Jeans: Ziggy Denim

Necklace: Crystal Wave

Bracelet: Rubi Shoes

Shoes: Verali

One thought on “crystallised

  1. Chloe-your charisma and wanderlust for life leaves me inspired everytime we cross paths-keep shining and know that in a world that fears the inner truth of a soul-your truth is beautiful-keep being you and……….keep shining!!!!

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