I think this will be my official summer post. I’m not really that much of a summer person, to be honest. (I KNOW RIGHT, CRAZY, all of you who don’t live in Australia probably want to punch me right now.) But anyway, I found this 90’s swimsuit in Savers, (still with tags and hygiene sticker on it, incase you were wondering) and I’m so in love with it.

I’ve never been much of bikini person, not because of the skimpiness, but I’ve never really thought they were flattering to my body. Like, I look really weird in them. So when I found this excellent one piece with the collared high neckline, and Baywatch-cut legs, I was over the moon. It’s flattering, a bit weird, and the crazy high cut legs (like it is just above my hips) make it a bit sexy too. And how great is the 90’s electric geometric print?

I used to go to Savers every time I was in Melbourne, so I was delighted when I found out it was coming to Adelaide. It was a super great addition to the opshopping scene here. But unfortunately, the petrol from my house costs almost costs as much as the flight to Melbourne these days – I live near Gawler, which north of the city, and Noarlunga is south. So getting there takes me nearly 2 hours. But it’s completely and utterly worth it. I have never walked out empty handed. I highly recommend heading there, especially if you are an opshop newbie – they colour code everything and have sections for each type of clothing! Which makes finding something you love 100x easier. And I highly recommend looking at the swimsuit sections, because it’s obvious swimsuits from the 80’s and 90’s are infinitely better than the ones today.

And the best part about this was, why pay $300 for bathers? Mine cost me 50c. So great.


Huge thanks to Vanessa Burton for her photographic talents!


Swimsuit: vintage Speedo (from Savers)


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