spiritual gothica

This is one of my favourite outfits. But let’s be honest, it was probably the worst outfit to shoot during summer. Leather pants, Chloe, really? Cue hilarious mental images of Chloe trying to get leather pants on and off in the Parklands in 40ºC heat.

Nevertheless, I love the outfit anyway. The t-shirt is from CHEAP AS CHIPS. HAHAHAHAHA. AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. Goddamn I’m proud of my bargain-finding abilities. I just thought it was really beautiful and I have no qualms when it comes to buying clothes from stores that many people would turn their noses up at. AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK.

The pants are Finders Keepers. However, I did rip the knees myself. Not on purpose, just made the obvious mistake of forgetting to hike up tight pleather pants before falling to my knees while styling a shoot. But it works in my favour – ripped leather-look isn’t a bad thing at all, and it suits this outfit’s nonchalant, devil-may-care vibes.

I recently bought the ‘eye’ necklace from ASOS. Its a new favourite of mine, I found after recently learning about the different chakras, and becoming slightly obsessed with reading about the third eye chakra. I always tend to wear it with my crystal spiral, because I think they fit well, and look amazing together.

The backpack is one of my favourite things ever to be given – General Pants Co. gave me a voucher for their new Tea Tree Plaza store shortly after it opened, and this was the first item to catch my eye. I had been looking desperately for a backpack, and you know how I feel about leather, studs and skulls – therefore it was perfect for me. In love!

Also, black lipstick. It’s the best.

DSC03630 - Version 2
DSC03655 - Version 2

DSC03665 - Version 2

DSC03669 - Version 2

DSC03643 - Version 2

T-shirt: Cheap as Chips

Pants: Finders Keepers

Shoes: Rubi Shoes

Lipstick: BYS

Necklaces: ASOS, Crystal Wave

Backpack: Gathering Eye 

Huge thank you to Erick Watson for taking these photos 🙂



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