big day out adelaide


General Pants Co. were lovely enough to ask me to shoot some street style for them at Big Day Out in Adelaide. I was super super flattered, and so excited – the last time I had been able to go to BDO was in 2006!

I was a little nervous, because I am no photographer, but luckily I had Nicole of Confident Liar down from Sydney to help me out with camera woes and to keep me company! We traipsed around for most of the morning, being all relaxed and nonchalant – little did we know how busy we were to become in the evening. All of the acts I wanted to see were after 5pm, which were Childish Gambino, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Crystal Castles, and Sleigh Bells. Our main mistake was filling up on chips and salsa in the media centre, then leaving proper food til too late in the day – lines were crazy long, and we didn’t have time to wait in line before running off to stages – damn! I was so keen on a haloumi burger from Adelaide’s Veggie Velo.

In terms of street style, you know me – I’m constantly on the lookout for the people who make you think ‘what they are wearing is so weird, why does it work so well?’, and I found some excellent people who fit that. Guys favoured the relaxed short-sleeve button up, chino shorts and boatshoes, and while their relaxed style looked great, it had the potential to look a bit too same-same, which many fell prey to. Girls however, were a wonderful dichotomy to witness; girls seemed to be wearing either 1) denim super-short shorts + cropped shirts/tanks, or 2) they went totally weird.  I found some good ones though, from all aforementioned genres. Check these kids out.












And for good measure, some photos from throughout the day !






(including header image)

1 / camera over head crowd shot during Band of Horses

2 / my outfit for the day:
Stussy dress courtesy of General Pants
Nike Free Run sneakers
Cotton On sunglasses
Gathering Eye backpack courtesy of General Pants

3 / Childish Gambino

4 / Karen O of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

5 / Crystal Castles (photographers weren’t allowed in the pit
+ I got told off for photographing them from the crowd)

6 / Sleigh Bells

for more photos of the day, check out my facebook album ~here~

Thanks so much to General Pants for the amazing oppurtunity, I had such an amazing day! And big thanks for the Stussy dress too – I friggen love it!

C x


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