september collection

I was delighted to be invited as a VIP last week to The September Collection, a new event in Adelaide which features up and coming designers in South Australia created by Ben Conroy (of Revolution the Label) and Haley Renee (of Haley Renee Photography). I really do adore seeing what the new generation of designers have up their sleeves, so I moseyed on to the The Loft Wine Bar last Thursday night.

IMG_0564Revolution the Label

Please forgive me – I turned on my SLR as the first look was walking around the runway only to realise I had lost my SD card. So these are taken on my new iPhone 5S – the camera is really good, but no smartphone camera is made for runway. The runway was in a square, so I wish I’d moved a little further round to the front – the floodlight made for some difficult photo angles, so again – sorry! I did my best regardless. For more photos, SA fashion blogger Adelaide Style File has some absolutely fantastic photos!


Fraser McNally, Pride Models

Ben Conroy is the brains behind this event, but also showed his new collection for Revolution the Label. His relaxed and effortless monochromatic pieces were a delight to watch walk down the runway. The simplicity of the pieces made you focus on the way the drapery moves, which personally leaves far more of an impression that OTT design. Much to my amusement, I heard whispered confusion around me as to whether that the label is purely accessories – it seems Ben is leading the way and introducing many people in Adelaide to simplicity in design, which deserves a huge round of applause within itself. The aforementioned accessories were wonderful knotted necklaces, gloves, bracelets and armbands, which were so strangely beautiful that you can’t help but want one. The makeup and hair was absolutely incredible too, dark gothic warpaint smeared across the eyes and lips with hair away from the face and quiffed, as seen above on Pride Models Fraser McNally.  Beautiful work Ben.



GretaKate was so lovely. Although my personal style probably doesn’t fit GretaKate, I could very much appreciate the beauty in the designs shown. There was some gorgeous sihouettes in the genteel collection, including bare backs, ruching, and beading both delicate and bold. One particular look was a favourite of mine and reminded me of the dress I desperately wanted for my high school formal. GretaKate’s look was a top and skirt, but it was a lovely flapperish inspiration, high neck, beading detail around the neckline, flowing down very loosely to be a drapery dream. I cannot for the life of me begin the describe what material the skirt is, but it was such a beautiful metallic maxi skirt. My next black tie event, GretaKate will be the first person I come to to purchase that outfit. So lovely.



Rachael Langham, Pride Models

Chelsea Eve is a label I’ve had interest in in Adelaide for quite a while now. Her super femme, super girly pieces have become popular with summery beach goddesses all over the state. Now you guys know I’m not the most feminine woman you’ve ever met, but Chelsea Eve has managed to find the relationship I have with femme clothing, create it, and stick it on a runway right in front of me. White leather bralettes, white leather skirts, bralette tops and shorts with almost bright, romantic patterns, beautiful flowy jumpsuits. Absolutely lovely. Illuminated faces, with bold brows, red lips and a statement braided fringe for the Chelsea Eve girls, as seen above on the ever-stunning Rachael Langham form Pride Models. Just the right amount of edge when you want to be a romantic dream babe.



Tanouk was one of the highlights of the night for me. I hadn’t had much exposure to the label before, so watching the incredible designs walk in front of me for the first time was a surprise and a delight. Amazing orange and khaki and royal blue metallic materials dominated the colour palette, with some leopard print, and a tonne of mesh. These mainly panelled designs are a real home run, they are unique, flattering, and completely stunning. I really loved the nods to 80’s fashion energy, and boxing fashion. Even the makeup and hair were refreshingly different – statement white eyebrows and white lips, and sleek plaited ponytails, also with white detail. It’s so lovely to see such innovation and character from a local label – I’m in love.

What I Wore

Jumper: Jay Jays, Skirt: Orbin the Label, Shoes: K-Mart

All in all, I was really impressed with the September Collection. Thank you for inviting me Ben, and everyone involved with the event! Also, you’re very welcome that I didn’t steal one of the gorgeous Guide Dog puppies.


instagram: chlosarge



Also, I will include this minor PSA as a response to some negative vibes that have been floating around Adelaide lately (do not read if you just want the fashion stuff): Not all bloggers say nice things because they’re trying to get something from it. Some do, but bloggers with integrity don’t. Some people are just positive about the fashion industry in the town that we live in. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with commenting on what you liked, and shining a well-deserved bright light on the successes of our up and comers. There’s also nothing wrong with focussing on the good things, as a blogger, but in life in general. I can guarantee every relationship you make, whether its personal or business, will be far more fruitful if you focus on the positives of what you do. Nobody likes a negative Nancy.


2 thoughts on “september collection

  1. Interesting thoughts re: positivity, now I’m curious as to what that’s about. Sorry I didn’t say hello to you – I spotted you on the other side of the room but left pretty quickly! x

  2. I hear you on that last bit also! That goes for everything in life! I’ve fallen victim to people’s negativity and ney-saying before so I can whole heartedly say I agree with you x

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