word up with maurie & eve

IMG_0318 copy




IMG_0383 copy


Styling notes

Jeans: Maurie & Eve
Jumper: Cotton On
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Bag: Sportsgirl
Rings: Lovisa

I finally finally finally got my hands on pair of Maurie & Eve’s ‘Word Jean’ in black. I’m in love with them. They’re baggy, but taper around the ankle. Dropcrotch with extremely low back pockets. Super low waist – the complete opposite of all my other jeans.

You can dress them up or down; my faithful Tony Bianco’s, black Sportsgirl leather-look tote and a huge chunky knit are my favourite go-to pairing when I have to look semi-polished. Which is amazing, because getting dressed up in winter normally sucks for girls because you’re absolutely fucking freezing. Not this moi, I wholeheartedly refuse to freeze myself half to death. And this outfit smokes any flimsy icicle-inducing cocktail dress out the water anyway. Did I mention how comfortable they are? It’s like a soft denim cloud is swathed around your butt. Keep your eyes out, my next personal style post will be dressing them down.

My winter has been completely made now the Maurie & Eve’s are in my life. Big ups to désordre boutique for getting these in my hands so fast, and with an adorable note 😍


all photos by the wonderful Daniel Freer


3 thoughts on “word up with maurie & eve

  1. I didn’t recognise you for a moment, I absolutely love this look on you. Those boots look great, are the heels good to walk in? I find some of the Tony Bianco heels a little too high, but then again, I am so clumsy I stumble in anything. I hope all is well. xx Jenelle

    1. Thanks Jenelle! I’ve just dyed my hair back to brunette and I’ve had so many people tell me they barely recognise me, haha. I love these shoes a ridiculous amount – I wouldn’t recommend working an 8 hour day in them though, unless you’re tough as nails. They’re the ‘comfy for a short time’ kind of heel; couple of hours is the maximum for me, because I’ve become a bit of a wuss and don’t wear heels as much as I used to!

      Thanks for the comment angel, hope you’re doing great. x

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