p.a.m menswear ss14 | pro active mutation

PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-2 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-3 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-4 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-5 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-6 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-7 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-8 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-9 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-10

Shoot Credits

Direction: Perks and Mini
Photography: Max Doyle
Styling: Monique Moynihan
Models: Chris and Rachel Rutt
Hair: Pete Lennon
Make Up: Vic Anderson

One of the best recent campaigns I have seen. The shapes created by super babe Rachel Rutt and her brother Chris are just unreal. Do you stay or splice away? Questions of forgotten physical definitions of bodily autonomy when you only feel whole with another person – do you feel weaker or stronger? Stronger, probably, hopefully.

As always, menswear is far preferable to womenswear – what a strong collection this is. Great necklines, great crisp tailoring, great lettering and logo work; the work together in the collection, not against one another. A cyber tribe, a functional army of the future. P.A.M is definitely one of my new favourite labels.




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