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I just received these images of the spring/summer release from Australian label OSKAR, and I’m over the moon that a label has created a whole range that I can see myself wearing during the upcoming hot summer days, as well as the sweaty summer nights. White, black, and just a hint of navy blue is something I very obviously identify with, and clean monochrome minimalism is truthfully, pretty easy to screw up. Multiple black pieces not matching properly (it sounds idiotic but it’s 110% true); layering can look clumsy. This collection has eradicated the fear of a minimalism faux pas, and offers origami tailoring and neoprene to add something interesting to your layers. There’s a very youthful energy to this collection, while still being worldly, casually elegant – wearing any of these styles with slides or sneakers is my summer vibes for 2015. I’m bloody excited to get my hands on some of these pieces.

all images from OSKAR, via Bespoke PR



september collection

I was delighted to be invited as a VIP last week to The September Collection, a new event in Adelaide which features up and coming designers in South Australia created by Ben Conroy (of Revolution the Label) and Haley Renee (of Haley Renee Photography). I really do adore seeing what the new generation of designers have up their sleeves, so I moseyed on to the The Loft Wine Bar last Thursday night.

IMG_0564Revolution the Label

Please forgive me – I turned on my SLR as the first look was walking around the runway only to realise I had lost my SD card. So these are taken on my new iPhone 5S – the camera is really good, but no smartphone camera is made for runway. The runway was in a square, so I wish I’d moved a little further round to the front – the floodlight made for some difficult photo angles, so again – sorry! I did my best regardless. For more photos, SA fashion blogger Adelaide Style File has some absolutely fantastic photos!


Fraser McNally, Pride Models

Ben Conroy is the brains behind this event, but also showed his new collection for Revolution the Label. His relaxed and effortless monochromatic pieces were a delight to watch walk down the runway. The simplicity of the pieces made you focus on the way the drapery moves, which personally leaves far more of an impression that OTT design. Much to my amusement, I heard whispered confusion around me as to whether that the label is purely accessories – it seems Ben is leading the way and introducing many people in Adelaide to simplicity in design, which deserves a huge round of applause within itself. The aforementioned accessories were wonderful knotted necklaces, gloves, bracelets and armbands, which were so strangely beautiful that you can’t help but want one. The makeup and hair was absolutely incredible too, dark gothic warpaint smeared across the eyes and lips with hair away from the face and quiffed, as seen above on Pride Models Fraser McNally.  Beautiful work Ben.



GretaKate was so lovely. Although my personal style probably doesn’t fit GretaKate, I could very much appreciate the beauty in the designs shown. There was some gorgeous sihouettes in the genteel collection, including bare backs, ruching, and beading both delicate and bold. One particular look was a favourite of mine and reminded me of the dress I desperately wanted for my high school formal. GretaKate’s look was a top and skirt, but it was a lovely flapperish inspiration, high neck, beading detail around the neckline, flowing down very loosely to be a drapery dream. I cannot for the life of me begin the describe what material the skirt is, but it was such a beautiful metallic maxi skirt. My next black tie event, GretaKate will be the first person I come to to purchase that outfit. So lovely.



Rachael Langham, Pride Models

Chelsea Eve is a label I’ve had interest in in Adelaide for quite a while now. Her super femme, super girly pieces have become popular with summery beach goddesses all over the state. Now you guys know I’m not the most feminine woman you’ve ever met, but Chelsea Eve has managed to find the relationship I have with femme clothing, create it, and stick it on a runway right in front of me. White leather bralettes, white leather skirts, bralette tops and shorts with almost bright, romantic patterns, beautiful flowy jumpsuits. Absolutely lovely. Illuminated faces, with bold brows, red lips and a statement braided fringe for the Chelsea Eve girls, as seen above on the ever-stunning Rachael Langham form Pride Models. Just the right amount of edge when you want to be a romantic dream babe.



Tanouk was one of the highlights of the night for me. I hadn’t had much exposure to the label before, so watching the incredible designs walk in front of me for the first time was a surprise and a delight. Amazing orange and khaki and royal blue metallic materials dominated the colour palette, with some leopard print, and a tonne of mesh. These mainly panelled designs are a real home run, they are unique, flattering, and completely stunning. I really loved the nods to 80’s fashion energy, and boxing fashion. Even the makeup and hair were refreshingly different – statement white eyebrows and white lips, and sleek plaited ponytails, also with white detail. It’s so lovely to see such innovation and character from a local label – I’m in love.

What I Wore

Jumper: Jay Jays, Skirt: Orbin the Label, Shoes: K-Mart

All in all, I was really impressed with the September Collection. Thank you for inviting me Ben, and everyone involved with the event! Also, you’re very welcome that I didn’t steal one of the gorgeous Guide Dog puppies.


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Also, I will include this minor PSA as a response to some negative vibes that have been floating around Adelaide lately (do not read if you just want the fashion stuff): Not all bloggers say nice things because they’re trying to get something from it. Some do, but bloggers with integrity don’t. Some people are just positive about the fashion industry in the town that we live in. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with commenting on what you liked, and shining a well-deserved bright light on the successes of our up and comers. There’s also nothing wrong with focussing on the good things, as a blogger, but in life in general. I can guarantee every relationship you make, whether its personal or business, will be far more fruitful if you focus on the positives of what you do. Nobody likes a negative Nancy.

harris scarfe surprises everyone: rundle place vip opening

Recently I started got a job at Harris Scarfe. In the lead up to the opening of the store, I haven’t had a spare second to think (Read: I’m sorry I’m haven’t been posting!). In the past month, I have worked in a warehouse, on a worksite, and helped in setting up a huge department store – definitely a little way out of what I usually do! It’s been an overwhelming, exciting, amazing experience as a whole, but what happened towards the end of the set up definitely shocked me.

To celebrate the opening, Harris Scarfe threw a VIP party, complete with a fashion show of it’s new wares. You may have noticed that Harris Scarfe have really, really stepped it up in terms of their focus on fashion. You would be right in noticing that. Harris Scarfe have really focussed more on trend within the labels they stock, including Luca & Marc, Khoko, Diesel, Calvin Klein, and Boutique – the latter, none other than Christine Centenera styled for the VIP show. This was certainly unexpected, you’d probably agree. What was shocking, was that my manager asked me to assist the woman herself the day before the show, to assist with fittings and anything else she might need.

Assisting Christine with fitting was a dream come true for me. She is a idol of mine, in terms of both her personal style, and her styling work. She was very quiet, and incredibly friendly. As each model would try on their outfits, she would take such notice of tiny, tiny details to make the outfit completely right. If she wasn’t sure, she would start again. That level of perfectionism that is admirable. Her innovation blew my mind – who would have thought about putting white skivvies under the outfit? I wore those in kindy. And my god, did they look good. All in all, the day was nerve-wracking in the beginning (wouldn’t you be nervous? I don’t think I spoke for the first two hours!), but by the end I was in a dream haze of happiness.

So yeah, a part time job in ladies wear, and the chance to assist the senior fashion editor of Vogue. The two don’t generally go hand in hand, but for me they did this time. Definitely a strange turn of events, but my god it was incredible: it was amazing watching her work. Obviously I am starting my career in styling myself, so being able to watch her style ten outfits really was inspiring beyond belief.

Boutique boasts a range of drapey, oversizes items, including sharp black shirts, cocoon dresses, graphic print draped pants, soft tees with contrast panels, and thick trench coats with leather trims. All with a colour palette of black, royal blues, with a few elements of silver and beige. It really is a gorgeous collection, but it is quite simple, so I was really interested to see how Christine was going to style it. Adding long black gloves, touches of gold and/or clear accessories, and roll neck skivvies to tie in the pieces, Christine really made each look very different and very expensive. She also really made me want a pair of black leather gloves.

The show was really quite amazing, and I promise I’m not being biased in saying that. I was really overjoyed during the show, because I knew the calibre of show was higher than Adelaide usually sees. It was classy, the styling was great, the music was subtle and in no way gaudy, and the Finesse Models who showed were all amazing, as well as Harris Scarfe ambassador and face of Boutique, Kyly Clarke. After the show, I had more than ten conversations where people were surprised and really positive about the show, saying things like ‘Harris Scarfe have really stepped it up’, and ‘why aren’t all the shows in Adelaide like this?’ which was obviously more than wonderful to hear.

all photos by the wonderful Chanelle of Not So Naked

So yeah. Well done Harris Scarfe! Well done Christine Centenera and her team. Well done Belinda Humphris and Charley Venning, who styled the other Harris Scarfe labels in the show. Well done Lara Inc. Well done Joe Barberis, on the opening of such a wonderful store. Well done everyone who was involved in the production. But most of all, well done to the team of people I’ve worked with over the past 5 weeks, setting up this huge store and making it look amazing – very hard work that has 100% paid off. If you haven’t had a chance to go visit Rundle Place yet, I highly recommend it. It looks super great. Even if I am being a little biased, this time.


couture+love+madness: a few minutes with the busiest woman in SA

September and October are busy months for the fashion crowd in Adelaide. But no one is busier than Adelaide Fashion Festival Co-ordinator, Cristina Tridente. Because, not only is she organising all the events for Adelaide’s biggest fashion festival, she is also getting ready to present her own new collection at multiple upcoming events around Adelaide.

Cristina is the designer of Adelaide label couture+love+madness. Cristina is not only showing at Adelaide Fashion Festival in October, she is also showing her new collection at ‘A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery’, presented by Honda and Attitude Magazine. I will be guest-blogging at this incredible event, and so I thought I’d have a quick chat to Cristina about how everything is going, and what we can expect from couture+love+madness at ANoF at the Art Gallery.


You are currently organising events all over the place for Adelaide Fashion Festival, as well as putting the final touches on, and presenting your own new collection at Attitude Mag ‘A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery’ show. How are your sleeping patterns?
I don’t get much sleep at the moment! It’s been a juggle but I have wanted all of this for a very long time, so no complaints here!

Of course! And your success is inspirational. Could I grab some tips from you about how a kid in Adelaide could break into the fashion industry?
Keep pushing at it! It’s a really hard industry to break into but if you really want to do it you just have to keep going! We all have to start somewhere.

You have always created collections with a wonderful sense of quirk, for example, the totally recycled collection from a few years ago. What is in store for us this September from couture+love+madness?

Something a little different, a mix between the creativity of the ‘I am the Prototype’ Collection [pictured below], which was all recycled materials, and what’s on trend at the moment. The pieces also feature lots of applique created from many textures and fabrics.

How has couture+love+madness evolved over the years?
When I started I created my pieces very literally, these days I put a lot more research and time into the design of my pieces and try and think outside the box!

What or who was your main inspiration for this collection?
These pieces are inspired by many things including birds, nature and textures.

Fantastic! What’s great about the fashion scene in Adelaide? What do we have yet to improve on?
It’s great to see the industry in Adelaide evolving at such a rapid pace. It’s fantastic to see so many new labels popping up, if we keep going at this pace we will be put on the map as a ‘fashion destination’.

We hope so! And personal style is important in a fashionable city too. Your personal style is as unique as your label. What are some trends coming up that are you looking forward to loving? 
I love fluoro… I absolutely love it! It is such a big expression of colours and can be hard to pull off but I just adore this trend.


I am just so excited to see Cristina’s latest work. Her imagination and creativity is in everything she does, and she is not only a design icon in our city, but a true creative destined for greatness. A huge thank you to Cristina too, because she has so little time right now, but still made room in her hectic schedule for me! Thanks Cristina, and good luck with the next handful of weeks!

I am personally so excited for Attitude Magazine’s incredible ‘ANoF at the Art Gallery’ event, because not only do I get to see my most favourite local designers, I also get to see Australian and international designers too. A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery is being held at the Art Gallery of South Australia on September 22nd. You can see couture+love+madness, local labels Jaimie Sortino and Paolo Sebastian, plus Carla Zampatti, Bianca Spender, Willow, Scanlan & Theodore, and new stock collections from local boutique The New Guard and Adelaide-based online vintage boutique Claire Inc! This will be a show not to miss. Tickets are available from BASS – Get your tickets as soon as possible because they are nearly gone!


Photos: Simon Cecere

see & ell

You know those moments when you are just so, so proud of where you come from? I’ve experienced that recently. Adelaide is really stepping up its’ game of late, with incredible new collections from established designers, incredible photoshoots, exciting fashion events coming up, and promising up and coming designers releasing their first collections.

I discovered the two designers of see & ell after seeing both see (celia) and ell (libby) present their seperate debut collections at the TAFE SA show at the Adelaide Fashion Festival last year. Shortly after this, I met the duo during the Fringe while I was taking social snaps for a local magazine at the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Ignoring my photographer duties for probably far too long, I talked to the talented girls for quite a while, and they told me all about their fantastic label and what they hoped to achieve. Since then, see&ell is a label I always look out for in Adelaide.

Their AW12 collection is delicate yet striking, basic yet perfectly unique. The cuts and silhouettes hint at a past era, while the bold shapes and colours keep each look in the present moment. The graphic print, a popular trend right now, are different to all others I have seen, and are superbly eye-catching. This small collection packs an absolute punch, and I’m coveting a number of the pieces. Including (but not limited to) the daylight shirt dress, the daydream pants, and the sleep tight cape – which is reversible and therefore amazing.

I’ve pictured ‘behind the scenes’ images from the AW12 shoot, because they are just too adorable. The girls used new faces for their shoot, and the photos look gorgeous!

I’m actually lucky enough to be assisting at their next lookbook shoot tomorrow, with the talented Phebe Rendulic. I’m so excited to see what the girls bring out next, and I’m so excited to be working alongside one of my best friends and favourite photographers!

For more information or to purchase any of the amazing pieces, visit seeandell.com, or visit the girls on Facebook! Stay tuned for more about see&ell after the shoot!


all images from seeandell.com

menswear mbfwa

The group menswear show was really great. Labels were From Britten P/L, Injury, Kalb & Etiw, Mils, Zsadar and Nathan Paul Swimwear. Despite my entirely strange awkwardness when it comes to men in underwear, it was a really enjoyable show and a great display of up and coming menswear. Here’s some photos of my favourite pieces from the designers that showed. So many incredible structured pieces, and the nose rings, chains, and skeleton backpiece was so rad. Loved it.


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song for the mute mbfwa

Holy wow. I can’t actually rave about this show enough. I was fortunate enough to be the last person to get into this show, which meant I was squished in a corner and only able to shoot from behind where the models were standing in The Box, but I still managed to see just how amazing this collection was. The draping, the raised collars, the layering, the casual sneaker, the darkened neutral colour palette. It was just beautiful, so beautifully crafted, and so detailed while remaining so simple with an ‘I don’t give a fuck what I’m wearing attitude’. My favourite piece is the jacket in the fourth image, on the right – high collar that sits perfectly, so it looks polished yet somehow unruly. I wish I could see this show again. Not just the clothes either, but also for the presentation itself: models walked out sporadically, rather than one by one, and walked onto white boxes that lit up when they were standing on it.It seems chaotic, totally at random, yet totally peaceful. Absolutely perfect, loved it. 

Oh, and aside from the clothes, the models in this show were just… unf. No words. Cheeky.