balenciaga virgin

Balenciaga was one of the first labels I ever truly loved. I got a ‘chucked in the deep end’ kind of education to high end fashion labels when I started modelling at the age of sixteen, and Balenciaga was one of the first labels I looked at and went ‘oh yeah, I get it.’ (I remember the first collection I ever loved, it was Ghesquière’s spring RTW 2007, with those jewelled science lab goggle sunglasses.)

It’s taken me seven whole years since then to get a piece of my own from the label. I knew I wanted my first piece to be something quintessentially Balenciaga, that I’d be able to wear all the time. So I decided on the Arena Wrap Bracelet. Those riveted Balenciaga studs; you can spot them a mile away. I’m a happy gal.




apple watch

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.21.17 am

I’m tired, I’m delirious, I may have hit a state of mania. I stayed up until 3:30am today in Australia to watch the Keynote presentation by Apple. Apple is a company very close to my heart, and I’ll be a loyal lifelong Apple customer. But this announcement, holy shit… It’s the first one to blow my mind in a while. I wrote a short op-ed for Glam Adelaide about it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.44.12 am

This morning, at 2:30am, Apple unveiled its newest products, the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus, which has a far larger screen. But that wasn’t all. Steve Jobs was famous for, in previous Apple Keynote product presentations, pronouncing proudly, that there was “just one more thing.” And today was a nod to Steve’s legacy, with current Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing, “We’re not quite finished yet… we have one more thing.” Behold, the Apple Watch.

In the past year or so, Apple has noticeably employed people from major fashion houses, such as Angela Ahrendts from Burberry, and Paul Deneve from Yves Saint Laurent. Is that a coincidence? Possibly. Possibly not. But, it must be noted that Apple’s first piece of wearable technology not only has features that blow other companies attempts at tech watches out of the water, but it also looks stylish and completely wearable.

The Apple Watch is completely customisable. The face comes in two different sizes, 38mm or 42mm. There’s heaps of strap options; multiple types of looped chain link, various colours of traditional leather with a buckle, 18-carat gold for the rappers, and sport bands for the fit people that run everywhere. The face of the Watch also comes in stainless steel, 18-carat gold or rose gold, Space Grey, and Silver aluminium. This isn’t just your standard wrist technology people, this is gonna be your watch that suits your style.

Apple hasn’t just made an iPhone smaller to slap on our wrists. The functions include heart rate and fitness monitors, Apple Pay (allowing users to pay using the watch instead the plastic in their wallet), receiving and physically feeling the notifications of text messages, email and phone calls, sketching, continuity between Watch and other iOS devices, and a whole new range of applications that are sure to be announced closer to the release date in 2015.

All in all – Apple aren’t the first company to release wearable technology. They are rarely the first to market. There were MP3 players before the iPod, and smartphones before the iPhone. But when they release something, damn do they do it right. It ‘just works’.

The Apple Watch is set to be released in 2015. Australian prices are yet to be announced, but currently start at $349USD.


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winter uniform

This is what I’ve been wearing during the bitter winter we are having here in Adelaide. Literally every single day, like an army uniform. It’s fucking freezing outside; it does feel a little like walking into a war zone. My current job doesn’t really allow for really out-there fashion choices anyway – I wear jeans with boots or sneakers everyday. So before and after work, it’s all about thick rollneck and/or cable knit jumpers, draped leather jackets, dropcrotch jeans, and minimal accessories. I like to scare the customers with gothic dark lipstick sometimes though. And if I had a spare $450 to blow, I’d be buying those rimless CÉLINE beauties, instead of a shiny sunglass number off the rack at the servo when I’m buyin’ my Marlboro Golds.

All outfit notes are underneath the image.

erryday winter outfit


nyfw 2014

my favourite looks from NYFW 2014

anna sui

charlotte ronson photo hannah sider

concept korea

lidsey wixson ss

marc by marc jacobs

Marchesa, Ready to Wear, Fall Winter, 2014, New York


michael kors

michal kors

opening ceremony


Proenza Schouler, Ready to Wear, Fall Winter, 2014, New York

proenza shoes

public school

reed krakoff


rodarte 3

rodarte photo shawn brackbill


the row



vera wang

vera wang 2

victoria beckham

wang 2 photo david urbanke

wang photo david urbanke


7 shoe trends that you need to love

Okay, so I ordered my biggest ever order from ASOS not long ago. I cannot believe how many incredible things they have right now – I’m lucky I don’t have more money, because I would spend it all on shoes. And my shoe cupboard already cannot be opened without them all tumbling out in a pile – I have a shoe addiction. In my most recent order, I managed to cull my basket to just one pair (the amazing River Island mules featured in my last outfit post, you can check their amazing new Australian website here: ), but these pairs were all in the wishlist. And they are all part of current trends, that you really need to get on board with.



Mules were super popular in the 90’s – think Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Jawbreaker – and they’ve made a huge comeback. Man Repeller posted about her love for open-toe mules recently – they’re big. Get on board.

click to buy POCKET

click to buy HEADLIGHT



Would you like a bit of extra height, but you really don’t feel like killing your feet and wearing heels everyday? You are in luck. Platform creepers, sneakers and boots are everywhere right now, and they add a bit of extra quirk to basic outfits. Super cute, and a little bit harajuku.

click to buy VITA

click to buy ALVI



I used to hate snakeskin. I’ll admit it. I did. But of late, my tastes in animal print have swiveled to reptilian, and I’m really likin’ snakeskin accessories: bangles, hats, and shoes. Parseltongue is my language now. Hiss.

click to buy MAILBOX

click to buy AEROPLANE



Let me guess: you love fashion, but majority of the time, you would prefer to be warm and comfy. YOU ARE NOT ALONE FRIEND. Luckily, wedge sneakers exist, and they are super popular. I have a pair and I wear them constantly – despite the fact they have a heel, they are the comfiest shoes ever. Also handy if you are a shortie with tall dreams.

click to buy Ash Cool Suede Wedge Trainers

click to buy DENY



Did you get involved in the comeback of the Chelsea boot? I did. I love them. However, even better news: Chelsea’s had a bit of a crazy revamp. Chelsea boots are still your go-to boot choice, but now, look for crazy prints, extra platforms, and details to make your look a little more excellent.

click to buy Trickers Silvia

click to buy ALLEY



Metals and metallic trends come and go in fashion constantly, but this trend is just so simplistically beautiful, that it will never fail to look pristine. It’s here to stay. Metal details on shoes: metal toe caps, metal heels, metal detail. All top notch.

click to buy PITCH

click to buy SIDNEY



I recently bought my first pair of strappy heels, and I am in love. A lot of people say it’s a bit too ladylike and conservative – not true at all. I rock my pair with leather pants and band tees. Get on board, this shoe trend is the #1 to partake in right now, for ladies of all tastes.

click to buy HAIRSPRAY

click to buy HARLOT


So what do we all think? Love? Loathe? Need? Wouldn’t poke em with a stick? Let me know about what you are loving right now.

Huge thanks to ASOS for sponsoring SWTC to post for them! I’m so honoured – I love ASOS way too much!


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off to the caberet

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival is here! If you’re anything like me, you get a little freaked out when you have to get properly dressed up. I tend to wear the same thing during the day as I do when I head out at night. But when an event is on, I always think to myself: oh lord… how on earth do I ‘dress up’?! I’m not a big fan of anything short and tight, so ‘cocktail dresses’ are generally totally out of my comfort zone. So in celebration of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival beginning soon, I have combatted this problem (for both myself and my readers), and created some hypothetical outfits to wear to the theatre.

caberet 1

Abbey Lee Shabby/Classy Chic

This outfit is perfect, I think. Classy, while remaining on trend and stylish! The outfit takes a lot of inspiration from style goddess Abbey Lee Kershaw. I think strappy heels with ankle and front strap is always a winner for this type of event: so elegant, and so in style right now. Tony Bianco has some incredible ones right now! A printed maxiskirt will make your outfit that little bit more interesting and unique, at an event where most will wear all black – this YSL skirt has such a gorgeous print. Add a sheer shirt, which is always beautiful, and then of course a black fur jacket to top it all off – faux if you don’t like the real thing, there is so many real-looking fake furs around these days. Add to this a clash of accessories: tortoise shell vintage-esque watch (the Anne Klein one pictured is just gorgeous), and a chunky studded cuff is always going to be an showstopping addition. I’d also add some winged eyeliner in terms of beauty. Timeless, and totally gorgeous.

cabaret 2

Gaga Zany/Classy Chic

This darling dress from Adelaide label Cameo is feminine and gorgeous, but eclectic enough to make a huge impact. The thick straps that fall vertically will give off a sexy yet classy vibe as you walk – you’ll ooze confidence. Pair this with an out-there jacket (how amazing is this frilly leather number from Junya Watanabe?!), a bold printed bag, and some intricate heels – perfection. I love these Chrissie Morris sandal heels; they’re feminine but bold, with just the right amount of quirk. They remind me of how clouds were drawn on ancient Greek pottery! Finish this look off with some wooden jewellry.

cabaret 3

Yasmin Sewell Parisian/Classy Chic

Last but definitely not least; the theatre is always a fantastic place to really flaunt your inner Parisian. Yasmin Sewell has this look down pat: feminine and chic, with flowing silhouettes. Prints are obviously all the rage right now, as are wide-leg pants: mix the two together and you have gorgeous statement pants. Peplums are also incredbly popular right now, so this black peplum singlet with mesh panelling around the shoulders is perfect for this outfit. Add a black tote bag, strappy sandals, printed scarf and a stack of bangles, with an oversize trench over it! Gorgeous and relaxed, while still looking stylish and dressed-up.

If you do head to the events during the Cabaret Festival, make sure you dress up in your absolute favourite showstopper outfit, and look out for the Fashions in the Foyer studio! In the studio on both the 16th and 23rd of June, will be Festival director Kate Cebrano, stylist Filip Odzak and Grant and Helen Burge of Grant Burge Wines. It’s located in the Outer Festival Theatre Foyer, right by the main entrance. Each entrant will have their image put up on the Myer Centre Facebook page, and will go into the draw to win an amazing array of prizes: a Grant Burge Wines Cellar Starter Pack, a $500 Myer Centre Gift Voucher, and two tickets to the 2013 Adelaide Cabaret Festival Variety Gala Performance. So make sure you dress up for the Festival – you could win some amazing prizes thanks to Fashions in the Foyer!

For more info, visit the Myer Centre FB page, or the Adelaide Cabaret Festival FB page .


rockabelle couture

Damn, Adelaide has some talented people. I’ve been friends with a beauty called Caz for quite a while now, and I recently discovered her company, Rockabelle Couture.

I’ve always had a penchant for rockabilly and psychobilly music, and the style that comes with it. In fact, I did a pinup shoot a few years back and its one of my favourite photoshoots to this day. Rockabelle Couture creates jewellry, bags, lampshades, cushions, brooches and accessories, all in a incredible horror/rockabilly fashion. The stuff is just incredible. I’m going to be purchasing pretty much one of everything soon. You should too, because these pieces are unique to everything else, handmade, and so gorgeous.

If you visit the Rockabelle Couture page, you’ll notice that Caz specifies that all items may differ from photos: this is because the girl spends so much time sourcing amazing new fabrics constantly. So it depends what fabric she’s buying at the time, but you can be guarunteed that it’ll be damn awesome. If you are totally in love with something from one of the pictures, she’s quite happy to try and replicate as closely as she can. She also makes a lot of her stuff made to order… so if you love something but want a different fabric, different handles… she can do it. She will do it.

How talented is this girl?! So talented. Watch out for Rockabelle Couture stuff popping up in upcoming outfit posts… I have my eye on a pinup girl ring, the black cameo necklace with green female skull, and a bag. So amazing.


all photos taken from the Rockabelle Couture Facebook page.

You can check out Rockabelle Couture’s Facebook page here.