OKAY. We all need to talk about Cara for Givenchy.

I know a lot of people in the fashion industry dislike her, for, y’know, having a personality beyond a brick wall, but fuck them all, I love her. She have given me so much inspiration by being a personable, energetic model, that likes to have a laugh. She also has my exact measurements, where I’ve struggled to meet “agency requirements” over the years. Models like Cara give me an really loving hope for the modern fashion industry.

Cara bleached her eyebrows for Givenchy SS15. I mean, almost every model did. But Cara’s ‘thing’ is her eyebrows. They are huge, they are rebellious, they do what they want – just like her. And in that show, they are non-existent. And she looks fucking amazong. She looks high fashion, she looks edgy as fuck, she looks incredible. Appreciate.

A woman’s known feature does not make the woman; she is so much more. In the words of Kenneth Parcell, “this mess is gonna get raw like sushi, so haters to the left.”

givenchy cara delevigne haters


nyfw 2014

my favourite looks from NYFW 2014

anna sui

charlotte ronson photo hannah sider

concept korea

lidsey wixson ss

marc by marc jacobs

Marchesa, Ready to Wear, Fall Winter, 2014, New York


michael kors

michal kors

opening ceremony


Proenza Schouler, Ready to Wear, Fall Winter, 2014, New York

proenza shoes

public school

reed krakoff


rodarte 3

rodarte photo shawn brackbill


the row



vera wang

vera wang 2

victoria beckham

wang 2 photo david urbanke

wang photo david urbanke


manning cartell 2013

Manning Cartel076

I was very excited to learn that I would be able to attend the Manning Cartell show this year at MBFWA. I’ve always been a huge huge fan of the Manning sisters’ clean lines, structuring, and interesting silhouettes.

This year was absolutely no exception. Glittering mesh outlined basic designs to make them even more flattering and fabulous, incredible geometric prints, a honeycomb print with cut out panels, pearlescent overtones and and emphasis on boxy shapes all came together to create a beautiful, clean collection. The colour palette was a wonderful contrast to the almost medical cleanliness and strict sculptured nature to the pieces: the colour were all very romantic and delicate, featuring nudes and beiges, creams, peaches and greys. Another amazing element was one of the featured shoes: thick strapped booties, with an ankle strap – an underwhelming description, but they were flawless in both black and white.

Hair and make up were both absolutely perfect. The hair, by Alan White for GHD, complemented the looks wonderfully; smooth poker straight slicked back locks with a braid down the middle – gorgeous. Makeup, by Max May for MAC, featured really clean, lovely faces with a beautiful glow, a focus of thick dark eyebrows and lustrous dark eyes, with a feature lip colour of a light orange. It really looked amazing. So very impressed once again Manning Cartell! x

Manning Cartel019

Manning Cartel026

Manning Cartel036

Manning Cartel062

Manning Cartel067
manning cartell120

the fashion week shopping curse

I’m constantly poor. I don’t know why. I just am. Probably because I work a part time weekly job, and for the rest of the time I’m a freelance writer. Which don’t pay much, kids.

But I recently got accredited for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, and I’m really excited. But in the leadup, I knew I had to be sensible and sort out my finances a bit, and save some cash to buy flights, accommodation, and have some money to go over there with (y’know, to eat/buy wine with). But unfortunately, flying to Sydney for MBFWA isn’t just a cruisy week in NSW. It’s Australian Fashion Week. There’s outfit complications.

I recently got to this stage (if you love fashion, you’ll know the exact stage I’m talking about): “I hate everything I own. There’s nothing exciting in my wardrobe. I have nothing to wear.” Which I know, logically, is completely ridiculous because the wardrobe is about to explode from an overload of clothes and shoes, but it doesn’t matter. I need something new, something fresh. So the Fashion Week shopping curse begins.

You’re trying to save every penny you get. You’re thinking about what to wear for those five days of craziness. You end up on online shopping websites for hours, looking for “inspiration”, you tell yourself. You think to yourself, “you know what, those boots are only $xxx, and I’d be able to wear them all the time, it’s an investment, and I won’t buy anything else, that’s it.”
Here’s some more common FWSC-logic thoughts:

  • “Well, since I’m already paying for shipping, I’ll buy some new statement pants, and they can be my “one crazy fashion week purchase.”
  • “I should head to Zara and have a look around, I’ll be able to get some cheap basics that I can rug up with” … you end up leaving with 3 bags and a $450 receipt – you’ll ALWAYS wear that shirt with Dachshunds on it, right?
  • “I love that Balenciaga sweater… but no, I’m on a budget. Perhaps I’ll save my money and try and find a cheaper alternative somewhere!” … you end up spending $300 anyway on a skirt that doesnt even resemble the Balenciaga in any way shape or form, because you simply got fixated on buying a skirt.
  • “It’s only a cheapie, I can afford that. And that. And that. And that.”
  • “You are only allowed to buy one more thing, Chloe.”

Any of these sounding familiar? Scumbag fashion brain.

Here are my purchases so far…

Zara ‘jungle print’ silk shirt

Zara plaid cigarette pants

Op Shop shopping spree

Alexander McQueen Razor pendant

Plus some goodies from local ladies Cameo!

But that’s not all. My finger is currently precariously hovering above these beauties, too:

My bank account is going to hate me.