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I’ve been involved in some pretty amazing projects recently, so I thought I’d share some of them!

This video, shot by the gifted Luke Eblen, was created in Adelaide while shooting Jason Fassbender’s AHFA Collection, Tryst.

Jason, a renowned hairdresser and creative director from Parlour Hair Unley, is a forward thinker in the Australian hair industry. He creates not only beautiful hair, but stunning collections that are easily mistaken for fashion editorials. More of his work can be found on the Parlour Hair Unley Facebook page, here.

The collection, photographed by the always brilliant Sydney fashion photographer Daniel Noone, showed eight glistening looks, featuring luxurious satin and silk – a nod to a rich hotel lifestyle, and the alluring women who enjoy a opulent manner of living.

All round talented team, which turned out incredible results. Some images are are below. Very proud of everyone.


Film/editing: Luke Eblen

Hair/styling: Jason Fassbender

MUA: Stacey O’Leary

Models: Melissa ‘MJ’ Johannsen (Finesse Models), Kat, Chloe Sargeant



pfw favourites pt 1

My god, Paris Fashion Week. I’ll be in you, one day. You are quite possibly the love of my life.
There was way too much going on, and way too fast, to do any kind of overall summary here. So I’ll leave the summaries to my trusty ‘highlights’ section below.


  • Mugler – I loved all the interesting cutout shapes, as well as the shoulders, and the stiff curls of fabric that created the most gorgeous hip. The patterned dress that looked somewhat like a skeleton felt like my soulmate (in typical Chloe fashion, show me anything with skulls/skeletons and I immediately love). Also, the opening looks with the white fur weren’t really my taste but I could appreciate exactly how intimately made each of those looks were. So detailed.
  • Balenciaga – This is a really uncommon opinion, I’ve seen way more critique toward Balenciaga this season than love. This is probably because of the widewidewide jumpers (common opinion: ‘the models looked frumpy.’), but personally, this collection was exactly my taste. Quirky, inspired by the ’80s, oversized jumpers, shirts and jackets, with pop-culture and scifi references. That’s just me in a nutshell. Also, I’m a huge fan of paper bag waists, and sheer skirts. So much love.
  • Carven – The prints at the beginning, the solid colours at the end. The floaty and cutout themes at the beginning, structured, altered shapes at the end. All so very, very good. That muted (paisley?) printed cape and also the bright print skirt need to be in my wardrobe, probably now. Yeah… yeah now. Also: THAT FUR JACKET. YUM.
  • Rick Owens – Well it was Rick Owens. Its nothing overly new for the gothic designer, but any Rick Owens design is beautiful crafted and just goddamn fantastic. Always flattering, always layers upon layers upon layers, always out there, always drapey and devilish, always interesting. The collars of those jackets are beautiful, and I especially love the fur on the inside. Those masks (each with subtle differences) are very fucking cool, too. If you want to stand out wearing only black, buy Rick Owens.
  • Lanvin – This collection completely confused and overwhelmed me, and IT WAS AWESOME. Bright scifi structured frills! Onto Gothic princesses! Onto a crystals and chainmail fantasy! The all of a sudden, coloured furs, giant jewels, lace, and long coloured leather gloves up to the elbow. Woah. Insane. How good was it? Damn good. Everything, just so good.
  • Gareth Pugh – I did really love the strange furs at the beginning, but my love for this collection lays with the collars, layers and structures of the pieces in the second half of the show. Those points are just so damn dangerous… it’s incredibly sexy. My favourite piece was the black leather dress with insane asymmetrical hips (far right on the first Gareth Pugh image). Also, were the shoes connected to the pants, or am I seeing things? If so, I love this collection even more.

Please note this is part one. There’s two more coming, purely because if I made one post it would be far too long. With too many pictures. Which would make uploading the post annoyingly long. Damn PFW, I LOVE TOO MANY SHOWS. Part 2 will be up tomorrow. Have a good Friday! Cx

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