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My friends are the best. The best. They love me, and they support me, and laugh with me, they cry with me, they celebrate with me. And I love them for all of that. The other thing that they occasionally do, is buy clothes in the wrong size then leave it too long to return, and give me them. My best friend Maggie bought this Marni dress. It didn’t sit right on her, but she forgot to return it. And now it is mine. Thank you beautiful angel, it’s so wonderful.

This dress is an all rounder: sack-like midi-dress with boxy shoulders, during the day with flats it looks relaxed as hell, and at night with heels it looks dressy and on point. The pins at the waist keep a little bit of shape, but it essentially fits straight with tapering around the calves.

I’ve decided to blog this dress twice; at day and at night. My day look pairs it with Windsor Smith black leather slides, an oversize Sportsgirl tote, and layered necklaces. Simple as it comes, and it feels beautiful on. Relaxi-dress.

Keep watch, I will post the night look of this dress very soon! Which will be my last outfit post from Adelaide; I’m going to start working on some outfit posts from my new hometown, Sydney.



Dress: Marni
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Bag: Sportsgirl
Wallet: Comme des Garçons
Necklace (shortest): Nanna’s pendant, vintage
Necklace (middle): rose quartz pendant, vintage
Necklace (longest): Alexander McQueen


evil goose chase

Erick and I went for a waltz down the Torrens River in the CBD one day, and I very nearly got eaten by one of those evil, evil black swans. Those things are vicious, evil creatures – they are even ‘danger’ colours, black and red. I hate them. While Erick was taking the main image of me, swan swam right up to the edge and I STILL MAINTAIN that if I hadn’t jumped away so quickly, HE WOULD HAVE EATEN MY LEGS OFF.

Which would have been very sad, because my shoes are one of my favourite finds ever. I have received so many compliments on them, and they cost me $15 from Big W. I have been looking for a specific wedge sneakers for a while – I really needed all-black ones, and I could only find multi-coloured previously – and it’s super bizarre I found my perfect ones in Big W!

I have to give huge thank yous for the rest of the outfit.

Firstly, to General Pants Co.. This Evil Twin muscle tee is one of my favourite shirts to wear, the print/colour is girly and cute enough to wear with anything, but the muscle tee cut is super boyish – I love it. Huge thanks to Jaharn for hooking me up with the goods!

Secondly, this skirt was a Christmas present from my mum. I KNOW RIGHT, HOW COOL IS MY MUM. She has pretty good taste in choosing quirky clothes for me, and she found this skirt in the racks at Ally Fashion. Thanks mum! If you have a chance to visit the newer one in the Myer Centre, I highly recommend it. It’s a mainstream chainstore, complete with loud dance music and a lot of 14 year olds, but if you can stand that, go search the sale racks – they have some excellent stuff, and great basics. And it’s much cheaper than Supré, and the staff are much nicer and attentive than Supré too.

Thirdly, I have to thank my best friend, Jake Bley. This clutch is the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M candywrapper clutch. If you know my blog, you know I live in Australia. H&M doesn’t exist here, or ship here. Jake recently moved to New York, and I called him (possibly in the wee hours of the morning) begging him to try to find me an item from the collection. He went to three different H&M’s in NYC, and in the end, he literally fought a woman, to get me this clutch. The sentence ‘I flew from Australia for this!’ was literally said – a slight exaggeration of the truth maybe, but he loves me that much. So thank you Jake, it is one of my most prized possessions, and I love you forever and I love you I love you I love you.

DSC03572 - Version 2

DSC03609 - Version 2

DSC03618 - Version 2

DSC03619 - Version 2

DSC03608 - Version 2

DSC03569 - Version 2

Huge thanks again to Erick Watson for his excellent photography!



Tee: Evil Twin (from General Pants Co.)

Skirt: Ally Fashion

Shoes: Big W

Necklace: Crystal Wave

Cocktail ring: ASOS

Clutch: Maison Martin Margiela x H&M


I live about 45 minutes away from the city in South Australia, and today, I braved the suburbia wearing something that I wore to a fashion party. People around my area don’t really stray from the chainstore trends, so walking through the park wearing printed baggy pants, oriental print shirt, and heels is a little bit outta the ordinary. A group of kids riding past on scooters (and a stolen shopping trolley) were quite comfortable to stare quizzically (and very intensely) as they passed us!

Regardless, I wanted to show you what I wore the AFF Face of the Festival Launch last week! It was a gorgeous event at the Hotel Richmond, to announce that Melissa ‘MJ’ Johannsen, from Finesse Models, will be the face of the Adelaide Fashion Festival for 2012! Although MJ is born and bred in Alice Springs right up yonder, she was discovered at a model search right here in Adelaide. In her short career modelling, she has achieved an incredible amount: walking for top labels in New York and Paris, as well as appearing in many magazine editorials, including in Vogue and Grazia. She is an absolute beauty inside and out, and I was delighted to find out she was the face of the AFF for 2012.

Huge thank you to Julie White for these amazing ‘Berry pleat’ pants! I have lusted after them for such a long time. They are the best, because you can dress them up or down, and they are so so comfortable! I love them so so much.

Also, big thanks to my mum for taking these photos of me! (She will be launching her photography in the near future.)


Dress: Tokito from Myer

(worn as shirt)

Pants: Julie White

Jacket: Wish

Beanie: ASOS

Rings: ASOS

Shoes: Novo

you’ll always find me out to lunch

My day on Tuesday was spent having sushi dates and watching The Dark Knight Rises with my best friend, Phebe from Lightning Heart. IT WAS AMAZING. However, I’m glad we took these shots before the movie, because my mascara wasn’t looking too attractive afterwards!

I made my biggest ASOS order to date a few weeks ago, and most of this outfit is from that order! I inadvertently purchased an entire outfit without even realising – apparently I style without even thinking about it these days!

I’m so in love with these Motel jeans. I love the print so so much, and have received so many compliments already. They are quite thin too, they aren’t a really heavy material, so I’ll still be able to wear them in summer. Such an amazing purchase from ASOS. Not to mention the No Vacancy sweater – I bought it purely because it references my favourite Sex Pistols song. It’s one of those items that you can work into so many different outfits, so I know I’m going to get so much wear out of it. And how cute is the font! ASOS sunglasses too – they’re so Lady Gaga, and I love them. I get a lot of weird looks, and I can no longer count on my hands how many people have asked me if they are weird to look through. (They’re not. You get used to it.)

The clear plastic clutch is a super amazing piece from talented Adelaide lady Emma Sadie Thomson. Her label, EST, has just released it’s newest collection of incredible acrylic jewellry and bags. If you are in Adelaide, visit her at Work Shop on Hindley Street, or if not, visit her on Facebook!

Last but not least, the shoes. I love them so much it actually hurts. Also an ASOS purchase, they were only $30, from River Island! They make me feel like Cher Horowitz. They are so 90’s, so pearlescent, so pink. Mules. God I love mules. River Island have an incredible Australian website now too; you can visit them here:


P.S. This was Swim with the Current’s 100th post! Happy 100th to the young’un!

Sweater: Vacant ClothingBUY HERE

Jeans: MotelBUY HERE

Sunglasses: ASOS, BUY HERE


Shoes: River IslandBUY HERE

Rings: ASOS and Diva

Clutch: EST Emma Sadie Thomson, made to order

insta-excellence/an apology

I am so sorry, lovely readers. I’ve had an awful month of writers block. Awful. I’ve struggled to write the simplest of things. I’ve even struggled to read – which hasnt happened to me since I was fifteen. So, I think in lieu of my lost writing abilities, I took a lot of photos. Let me catch you up, welcome back to my world beauties.

I found a new love for baggy thin-knit jumpers.

I was featured in Vogue Magazine and Culture Magazine! So incredible.

I drank a lot of dranks, and danced a lot of dances. Including one night where I was onstage doing the Cat Daddy.

Assisted at the October lookbook shoot for Cameo, Keepsake and Finders Keepers. Working with the gorgeous Amanda Mitchell, Phillippa Gleeson, and the always incredible Emily Wake.

My amazing sunnies that I was featured in Vogue for, broke 😦 the hinge snapped so they cant even be glued back together. Sad panda.

I helped make embroideries with quotes from pop songs on them.

I was featured in two photography exhibitions. The collaborative exhibition of Elisa Jane and Christine Obst, @Elisa Jane Studio

… and White Wall Photography’s ‘Unfading’ SALA exhibition @The White Room, in Hahndorf

I drank a beer as big as my face. @The Belgian Beer Cafe

I bought some incredible new shoes! Mint green, metal-capped points.

I worked at a sample sale for labels Finders Keepers, Keepsake and Cameo: everything was $10 or $20. I had to get something for myself too: an acid green playsuit, and faux leather pants. $20 well spent!

I was given one of the best presents I’ve ever received: an embroidery with a quote from myself on it. Made by the ever-amazing Phebe Rendulic (who’s blog Lightning Heart is probably something you should look at, because shes a babe with amazing style.)

I shot for Julie White clothing, and it was probably the most fun I have ever had on a shoot! The second photo shows the team: Adam Hadley Darrie from DAS on hair, Cat Fanto on makeup, myself modelling, and Julie White behind me overseeing the creative direction (as well as Phebe Rendulic taking the photos) @Adelaide Botanic Gardens

I discovered fake nose rings and Japanese schoolgirl hair.

I discovered the movie that my mum named me after: ‘Lovesick’, a Dudley Moore film in which he falls in love with a woman named Chloe.

I bought some incredible stuff from ASOS. Motel jeans, Vacant Clothing sweater, River Island mules, ASOS sunglasses. Happy!

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It’s been a hectic month. I’ve missed you! I promise never to leave you for this long ever, ever again!


photos from my own, @adamhadleydarrie’s, or @_lightningheart’s instagram pages.

running around the state

An antipasto plate, a few beers and many cigarettes later, myself and Ryan Kenny ran around the city and the hills. It’s about finding fun in the little things.

Forest green maxidress from markets in Sydney

Sportsgirl terracotta palazzo pants

Vintage ‘The Clash’ shirt

Sportsgirl snakeskin sneakers

Sportsgirl purple lace dress

Denim shirtdress from Factorie

Ryan’s flannellette shirt and hat!

Shot by Ryan Kenny.