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This is my first beauty review post. Every since 2012, when I did my first skincare collaboration with Manenocte, I’ve had readers requesting that I review more beauty and skincare products. Four years later, I finally relented. To be honest, I wanted to the whole time, and the only reason I didn’t is because I am terrible with makeup and skincare. Godawful. I’m scared by it all, frankly. But now I’ve realised, why not do a guide for those of us that have no idea what we’re doing? The red wine-loving smokers who want to wear lipstick but always ruin it? The ones who pick up a colourful blemish wheel, and have NO IDEA WHAT IT IS OR WHAT TO DO WITH IT?! The ones who have been buying the wrong colour foundation for years because they just cannot fathom the options now: colour correcting cream, tinted primer, bronzing primer, liquid foundation, powder foundation, BB cream, CC cream, blurring cream – WHAT?! So these posts; they are for you people. I know next to nothing, my skin is far from blemish-free, and it took me ’til the age of 18 to buy my first lipstick: this is how I get by. This isn’t so much to teach you, but to reach out to you in solidarity. Red wine stains and all.


I contacted Australis Cosmetics about their current range, and they kindly sent me some of their products to review. I contacted Australis because they are currently absolutely killing it with their branding, their digital presence, and most importantly, their product. Australis sent me two colours from the Velourlips range – PA-REE (a dark nude), and NY-CEE (a bright red). The range’s bio on the Australis Cosmetics site advertises long-lasting coverage, a matte finish, no flaking, and highly pigmented colour. IMG_5819


I’m impressed. Personally, I am a smoker (so along with leaving half my lipstick on a cigarette every few hours, I also have slightly dry lips), I’m constantly drinking from a bottle of water every few minutes, and I also love red wine. I have tested all of these things while wearing Velourlips, and the coverage is damn impressive. The coverage lasted around 4 hours after a night out on the red wine. A reapply is necessary every 3-4 hours, but just in the centre of your lips – anything that goes on as a cream will become revert back to a bit more of liquid texture if you immerse it in another liquid. It depends how messy an eater and drinker you are, I guess. 3-4 hours with just the centre of your lips needing a slight touch-up is completely excellent in my opinion. Haven’t found a matte lipstick with better lasting coverage yet.

Matte Finish

I’m always very cynical about matte lip colour. How many times have you bought a ‘matte’ lipstick, and its still slightly glossy? I bought one once, and it ended up being glittery – those bastards. This isn’t something you have to worry about with Velourlips. Its slides on glossy and creamy, but give it a few minutes to dry (DO NOT DRINK RED WINE AT THIS STEP. I REPEAT, NO WINE YET) and its perfectly, completely and wonderfully matte.


I find this an interesting selling point by Australis, purely because I thought flaking of lipstick had a huge amount to do with the lips that its being applied on. Again, I’m an idiot smoker, so my lips can get quite dry sometimes. However, they’ve claimed ‘no flaking’, so I’ll go ahead. They must have some kind of magical moisture powder in there, because my dry lips didn’t cause either of the colours to flake at all. When I tried PA-REE, I put a light layer of clear balm underneath. But when I used NY-CEE (to test out the flaking theory) I didn’t use a spot of balm, and it still didn’t flake. Quite amazing really. My lips are only dry-ish though, so if you have super dry lips, use some balm first – anything that’s matte zaps the moisture.

Highly pigmented colour

Well this barely even has to be talked about – there’s some serious pigment going on here. Go over your lips once with the wand, and the full force of the colour is there – no need for a second layer. Putting on a second layer literally does nothing more for the intensity of the colour, and it makes your lips feel weird, so don’t do it. The only thing I hope is that they bring out a bigger range of colours. Some darker reds and browns would be too perfect with this lip range.

Other notes

  • It moves with your lips. Its always a paranoia of mine that when I use a stain or cream on my lips, that it will make me feel like I just had Botox and can’t move my mouth properly. Its a bit of a strange feeling at first, but it definitely moves with you when you talk, laugh and smile.
  • The next day you might have to give the lippy a rest, and overnight cover your lips with Vitamin E oil or something else super moisturising. This isn’t a reflection of this particular product. It purely comes from what I mentioned before – anything that’s super matte gets rid of all moisture, so you need to make sure you make up for it after you’ve cleaned it off.
  • I’m pretty bad at trying to clean off red lipstick; I somehow always make my entire face a lovely shade of pink. I thought this might be the case with this product, because of the strong pigment. The clean-up for Velourlips: I wiped this off with Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water, then washed my face with my normal cleansing routine. It came off easily, and there was no residue or pink colouring left on my lips. The PAR-EE colour came off with ease too, and also left no flecks or pigment. Australis really did think of everything with this product.



SO, all up. Velourlips is well worth your time. If you have dry lips, it might be a bit more difficult to work with (but all matte lip colour will be). It’s perfect for a night out, because the touchups will be extremely minimal, if any. And thank you, thank you THANK YOU Australis Cosmetics, for finally creating a truly matte, affordable lip colour – you are lifesavers. I’d love to see more of a colour range, but knowing Australis Cosmetics, they’ll already be well ahead of me on that one.