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My friends are the best. The best. They love me, and they support me, and laugh with me, they cry with me, they celebrate with me. And I love them for all of that. The other thing that they occasionally do, is buy clothes in the wrong size then leave it too long to return, and give me them. My best friend Maggie bought this Marni dress. It didn’t sit right on her, but she forgot to return it. And now it is mine. Thank you beautiful angel, it’s so wonderful.

This dress is an all rounder: sack-like midi-dress with boxy shoulders, during the day with flats it looks relaxed as hell, and at night with heels it looks dressy and on point. The pins at the waist keep a little bit of shape, but it essentially fits straight with tapering around the calves.

I’ve decided to blog this dress twice; at day and at night. My day look pairs it with Windsor Smith black leather slides, an oversize Sportsgirl tote, and layered necklaces. Simple as it comes, and it feels beautiful on. Relaxi-dress.

Keep watch, I will post the night look of this dress very soon! Which will be my last outfit post from Adelaide; I’m going to start working on some outfit posts from my new hometown, Sydney.



Dress: Marni
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Bag: Sportsgirl
Wallet: Comme des Garçons
Necklace (shortest): Nanna’s pendant, vintage
Necklace (middle): rose quartz pendant, vintage
Necklace (longest): Alexander McQueen


deathless goddess




IMG_0895 2:3 crop edit





Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: Temt
Shoes: Nike Flyknit Free Run
Bag: Sportsgirl
Snood: K-Mart
photos by Daniel Freer

Its been bloody freezing this past winter. Spring is technically here, so that means finally being able to bare a little bit of leg, fucking finally. This draped skirt is a good little cheap number from Temt – if I could afford a Rick Owens version I would, but unfortunately here we are in 2014, still not rich, still buying Rothmans instead of Marlboros, and still Rick Owens-less.

Mumma Sarge bought me this jumper from Topshop in the UK. It’s quite amazing that even in a fast fashion chain store, the outerwear purchasable from the UK is ten times warmer than that in Australia. I love it because it’s natural unbleached wool. Every now and then people will comment on it being stained, and I could retort with some very snooty comment about how ‘actually, no, that’s just the natural fibres, they’re not heavily bleached so there will be blemishes in the wool’, or at least I would if I was a worse person.

Finally, my favourite sneakers I ever did purchase: black Nike Flyknit Free Runs. How I loved them, such incredible beauties! Unfortunately I purchased them a size too small, so they are no longer in my possession. I’d kill to get another pair. They were not meant for this life with little old me. RIP.

“O powerful Nike, by men desired, with adverse breasts to dreadful fury fired, thee I invoke, whose might alone can quell contending rage and molestation fell. ‘Tis thine in battle to confer the crown, the victor’s prize, the mark of sweet renown; for thou rulest all things, Nike divine! And glorious strife, and joyful shouts are thine. Come, mighty Goddess, and thy suppliant bless, with sparkling eyes, elated with success; may deeds illustrious thy protection claim, and find, led on by thee, immortal fame.”



word up with maurie & eve

IMG_0318 copy




IMG_0383 copy


Styling notes

Jeans: Maurie & Eve
Jumper: Cotton On
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Bag: Sportsgirl
Rings: Lovisa

I finally finally finally got my hands on pair of Maurie & Eve’s ‘Word Jean’ in black. I’m in love with them. They’re baggy, but taper around the ankle. Dropcrotch with extremely low back pockets. Super low waist – the complete opposite of all my other jeans.

You can dress them up or down; my faithful Tony Bianco’s, black Sportsgirl leather-look tote and a huge chunky knit are my favourite go-to pairing when I have to look semi-polished. Which is amazing, because getting dressed up in winter normally sucks for girls because you’re absolutely fucking freezing. Not this moi, I wholeheartedly refuse to freeze myself half to death. And this outfit smokes any flimsy icicle-inducing cocktail dress out the water anyway. Did I mention how comfortable they are? It’s like a soft denim cloud is swathed around your butt. Keep your eyes out, my next personal style post will be dressing them down.

My winter has been completely made now the Maurie & Eve’s are in my life. Big ups to désordre boutique for getting these in my hands so fast, and with an adorable note 😍


all photos by the wonderful Daniel Freer

wish style challenge

I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in a style challenge by incredible Australian label Wish (visit them at This blogpost has the potential to win me a trip to Thailand, or a helluva lot of clothes – pretty exciting!

So you guys would all know that I’m going pretty monochrome at the moment. Shades of black and white are my best friend, and I’m struggling to stray from them. I just feel that going floral and colourful when it hits warmer months is a little too conditioned into us, and I’d rather play with shade and texture this spring and keep colour to a minimum. This is purely because I never have, and I can bet that majority of you guys haven’t either. Are you guilty of relying on bright colours every spring? I have been. Choose another path this spring! We have so many options, so many different elements that we can play with within our own style. Play around, like I have – it’s so much fun.

The Wish ‘Chantilly’ dress is perfect for what I want to play with. With a soft cotton underlay, and a lovely chiffon overlay, it’s impossible not to feel feminine in this dress. The swallow/geometric pattern (which is exclusive to Wish this season) is made up of muted jewel tones, and regardless of being a statement, it doesn’t try to take away from the floaty nature of the dress. Neither do the black panels around the sleeves and bottom of the dress. I’m in love with it!

The shoes are my new favourites. I was surprised as all hell when I found them… at K-Mart. What?! I know. They’re comfy, and flattering. The clutch – which you guys have seen before, but it’s one of my favourite things I own, so nerr – is from the H&M collection with Maison Martin Margiela. It’s a remake from his 2010 SS collection – the infamous candy clutch. Rings are from Lovisa, nose ring is from ASOS, and faux leather cap is from Sportsgirl.

In terms of beauty, I was really excited to find this new shade of lipstick from Australian make-up label Australis – part of their Colour Inject Mineral lipstick range, this dark plum shade is called ‘Grunge‘. I’m also wearing their mineral highlighter – it’s a wonderfully subtle addition to any casual makeup look, but it really does make a difference, your face looks so fresh after highlighting your cheekbones. All other makeup by Rimmel (because I really DO enjoy that London look), and hair product used is Kevin Murphy Session Spray.






What do you guys think – does this outfit deserve a trip to Thailand!?

Huge shout out and thank you to Wish for including me in this challenge, and gifting me the beautiful dress. You guys are the biggest babes, thanks!


instagram #2

Just a little insight into the past month! This past month has been completely crazy, and I’ve loved every second of it. From interviews left right and centre, to writing my first post as guest blogger for Novo Shoes, to maxing out my credit card trying to work out outfits for MBFWA, and everything else in between! I’m loving being so busy – keep it comin’ guys! Cx

gorgeous message from a male friend about my Novo post – made me smile so much!
shooting for the Mimco Dreamwarp Style Society, with Elisa Jane and Stencil‘s Emma Thomson
woke up one morning at 8am and decided to dye my hair lime green. loved it so much
guest blogpost for Novo Shoes
photoshoot for the amazing Robert Bava with incredible photographer Andrew O’Toole
my first Alexander McQueen purchase: razorblade pendant. so much love.
SWTC on Facebook. Like away beauties!
outfit post ft zara and novo shoes. will be up soon!
SWTC first ever business cards
shoot for Eleven Australia with Andrew O’Toole
trying to eat healthy. raw beef and vegies before the cooking storm, so pretty
Vinteloper pop-up wine bar became my home while it was open – it was amazing and I still miss it!
ring collection: none the richer, cheap monday, samantha wills & sportsgirl
photoshoot with the goddess lady Phebe Rendulic – such a fun day
Kiehl’s launch at Burnside Village – post coming soon!
outfit/beauty shot for the launch of Liza Emanuele’s ‘in my dreams’ collection

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fall down, get up and conquer the world

Recently in Adelaide the weather’s gotten cool… then hot again. Then cold, then boiling. This Melbourne-ish weather has inspired me so much, and turned me into a bit of a crazy person when it comes to getting dressed in the morning! I’m liking pretty prints and interesting textures all together, or completely simple, muted looks with clean lines and lovely tailoring. A lot of vintage pieces, mixed it with high street and local designers, as always. I’m taking a huge amount of inspiration from the ’90s, you may notice. Colours and prints have never been my thing, so this a massive turn in my fashion life. I’m really enjoying exploring this new world!

For this post, I chose eight different outfits that I thought really summed up my style this autumn: Here they are. There are more shots are in our Facebook Gallery.

Myself and the fantastic local photographer Phebe Rendulic mosied around Adelaide snapping in all different gorgeous locations. Apart from it being ridiculously hot, the shoot was amazing fun, Phebe is incredible to work with. Her other work is here, so take a look and support our incredible local creatives!

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think! Would love to hear from some other bloggers about shooting style and style interpretation, especially! Cx

Styling and model: Chloe Sargeant
Photography: Phebe Rendulic Photography

1. American Apparel sleeveless turtleneck, vintage woolen skirt, Sportsgirl necklaces, Bauhaus rosary beads, Dangerfield sunglasses, Novo studded boots, backpack from markets in Greece // 2&3. Vintage rose shirt, vintage woolen check skirt, Sportsgirl belt, None the Richer necklace, Maurie & Eve boots // 4. Vintage Versace singlet, vintage skirt, Sportsgirl bag, Zu heels // 5&6. Gary Numan singlet, Lipsy London skirt, Novo flatforms, amazing flamingos from Branch Out! Flowers & Gifts on Grenfell St! // 7&8. None the Richer jumper dress, vintage floral maxiskirt, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Security’ heels, assortment of None the Richer and Sportsgirl rings (featured in all images) // 9. None the Richer crop shirt, Sportsgirl palazzo pants, Novo studded wedge sandals // 10&11. Dion Lee shirt, opshop grey tasselled skirt, Rubi shoes wedge sneakers // 12&13. Cotton On batwing top, Paper & Thread leather shorts, Target shoes, Sportsgirl navajo poncho, Sportsgirl dog chain necklace.

running around the state

An antipasto plate, a few beers and many cigarettes later, myself and Ryan Kenny ran around the city and the hills. It’s about finding fun in the little things.

Forest green maxidress from markets in Sydney

Sportsgirl terracotta palazzo pants

Vintage ‘The Clash’ shirt

Sportsgirl snakeskin sneakers

Sportsgirl purple lace dress

Denim shirtdress from Factorie

Ryan’s flannellette shirt and hat!

Shot by Ryan Kenny.